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" I was satisfied with your services. You paid a lot of attention to various details and everything works flawlessly. As well did everything on time. Excellent communication. I really appreciate it ! 10/10 :) "

Julius K.

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" I've got a bathroom refurb company in the UK and we work almost nationwide. We had a website for about 2 years, but it was quite basic, nothing special. It was always bothering me as our competitors had better websites and more professional than ours. There's quite a few companies or freelancers around that do websites etc, but nobody is offering anything unique for a reasonable price. I contacted Kaunas Coding Studio through facebook after one of my friends mentioned them to me and said that they are a new company, but not new in the industry, so I thought I will give it a try. They responded to me fairly quickly and got things moving very quickly. They asked me a few questions about what I would like to do, what I don't want there etc and sent me a few options within a few days. I rejected the first design, but fell in love with the second design right away. Our website looks a lot more professional now, got videos, pictures and all kinds of options there. A happy customer, "

V&B Bathrooms Ltd

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" We have been operating without a website for a while, probably for around 2 years, but got to the point where we started growing and we needed to look more professional and start competing with the big companies. As I have used Kaunas Coding Studio before, I got in touch with them again. My website looks absolutely fantastic, I am really proud of it, not ashamed to show it to no one. Kaunas Coding Studio work very very closely with me and generate the website exactly how I want it and even offer some great ideas that I would never think of. if there's any issues or bugs they get them sorted RIGHT AWAY. They even video call me if I need help with it. Definitely recommend Kaunas Coding Studio, world class service for reasonable price. Thank you, "

E&V Kitchens Ltd

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" Thanks for the website. Impeccable and specific consulting. The work was carried out according to the needs discussed in detail and within the agreed period. "


V&B Bathrooms Ltd logo

" Kaunas Coding Studio actually got in touch with me themselves. They have worked with me before, doing my websites for my other companies and they knew about my business quite a bit. They were telling me for a while that they could help me with my stock keeping and save myself and my staff a lot of time and time is money (obviously). I always thought I will look into it in the future and then finally got to the point where I thought that's it, I need something as we are losing too much time and there's too much confusion in the storage. I rang Kaunas Coding Studio and told them that I am ready. They video called me and gone through everything with me. They got the stock keeping app ready for me within 4 weeks. After we launched the app there was obviously some amendments that needed doing that we didn't think about at first, few add ons etc and they sorted them literally within couple of days. We now have a fantastic app, that directors, fitters, warehouse managers can all work with, we know exactly what's in stock, which fitter is using what stock, how many leftovers they bring back, how many left overs they take to another job etc and it really helps us to save a lot of money and time. Once again, thanks to Kaunas Coding Studio. "

V&B Bathrooms Ltd

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Stages of the ongoing project



Getting to know the client and his expectations.



A market analysis is carried out.



The design is prepared in consultation with the client, making sure that the design meets the client's expectations.


Realization / Testing

The project is prepared according to the layout and tested.



The created project is launched for all users.

What do we offer to YOU?

- Responsive, fast, modern design websites, e-shops or apps.

- Two months of free support for a project created by us.

- Continuous cooperation during project development.

- Project hosting services with an additional maintenance tool.

- Correction of errors in projects, integration of systems into already functioning projects.

- We will make sure that the transformation of your project idea into digital reality is as easy and fast as possible.

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